Sermon Correction...

Compelled by theological clarity and a deep desire for Mission Church to walk in truth, I offer some thoughts to follow up from yesterday's sermon from Mark 12:35-44...Read More

Indomitable Christmas

Christmas can never be threatened or dismantled because it happened. Our merriness and cheeriness can be genuine and secure when we believe that the birth of Jesus happened in the way and for the reason scripture records....Read More

Beauty in the Basics

Spending 7 weeks examining some basic theological doctrines of Christianity is intended to direct our hearts to worship and behold the beauty of God in the finished work of Jesus Christ....Read More

Bible Reading Resources

Resources for Reading the Bible 1. How to Read the Bible for all its Worth by Gordon Fee & Doug...Read More

Week of Promise

Week of PromiseDecember 7thLuke 2:25-35 From the beginning, God’s promise has been that the s...Read More

Week of Proclamation

Week of ProclamationDecember 14thLuke 2:8-20 In the beginning God created by proclaiming his word o...Read More

Week of Prophecy

Week of ProphecyNovember 30thIsaiah 7:14; Matt 1:18-25 The essence of prophecy in the bible is not ...Read More

Devotional Introduction

Advent begins and ends as God with us. In the beginning, God created a masterful environment for hum...Read More

The How of Mission

The mission of Mission Church is to be and make disciples who multiply Christ’s church. The a...Read More

Evangelism's Missing Link

Listening is our way of searching out their heart, their core, their soul, and telling them we like it. The single greatest longing of the human soul is to be known. Listening gets us there. It is in this process we begin to see how the gospel of Jesus can most beautifully connect with another person; how it is good news to them....Read More