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The Great Aim of the Mission

Our mission is clear: be and make disciples who multiply Christ's Church. Overlaying this mission is an aim, a cause, a beginning and end that fuels us onward. For such a God-sized mission, we have a God-sized aim: nothing less than the glory of God. This alone is the WHY of Mission Church....Read More

The Mission of Mission Church

What’s the mission of Mission Church? To be and make disciples who multiply Christ’s ch...Read More

Guardrails for Mission

As we begin a Sunday sermon series around a dozen questions and criticisms of Christianity I find my...Read More

Waves of Brokenness

I saw the first wave coming. It was big and brutish, scowling at me with malicious intent…and...Read More

The Beauty of Baptism

Baptism is the sacramental symbol given to us by Jesus of His saving grace. It is a command and an ordinance, but one of sheer delight that, when done by faith, fills us with immeasurable joy....Read More

Training For Godliness #2

Here’s another workout… Take some time to consider one of the other devastating tactic...Read More

Training For Godliness Workout #1

Godliness is the goal of our spiritual training: conduct that springs from enjoying Jesus. Temptations seek to lure us into sin that ruins our enjoyment of Jesus and leads us into depression, anxiety, anger, lust, and a host of other undesirables. This workout can revitalize your heart and bring clarity to God's love for you in Christ....Read More

So, It's Valentine's Day

Three distorted concepts of love corrected by the gospel....Read More

Selfish or Sacrificial?

Pastor Brian digs into the question of what is better, being selfish or sacrificial?...Read More

"Fitting in"

What it means to "fit in" and how we do it....Read More