The How of Mission

The mission of Mission Church is to be and make disciples who multiply Christ’s church.

The aim of the mission of Mission Church is the Glory of God in Jesus Christ.

The mechanics of the mission…the HOW of it all. This is where it gets personal and practical.

When the gospel of Jesus grips our hearts and we believe in Him, we undergo an thorough transformation – a metamorphosis if you will – and are given a new identity in Christ. The bible tells us that Jesus makes us sons and daughters of God, brothers and sisters with each other as part of the household of God. We are made His family.

He also captures our affections and attention as our King and Savior and the one we follow with loving abandon. We are given His heart for serving, giving, sacrificing, and pouring ourselves out for the sake of others and His Kingdom. We desire to emulate Jesus and are made His followers.

He gives us His Holy Spirit – the essence of God himself in us as our life-force and source of empowerment that always directs us back to Jesus. The Spirit turns our hearts outward and upward so that we are never satisfied with anything less than the glory of God as our prime objective. We are made His missionaries.

The HOW of our mission is simply this: be who we are.

  • As we believe that we are God’s family, we will want to be with each other, to support and love each other, to serve and help one another in our pursuit of Christ’s mission. Because He makes us family, we are never alone.
  • As we believe that we are Jesus’ followers, we will want to read His word and pray, we will want to unearth our sin and expose it to the truth of the gospel for confession and repentance, and we will want to do this with others. Because He makes us followers, we enjoy seeing true and lasting transformation and freedom and joy and authentic solidarity with His church.
  • As we believe that we are Jesus’ missionaries, we will want to partner with other Christians to see the gospel proclaimed. We will want to find creative ways to engage our city with love and justice and peace; to give ourselves for the cause of Christ. We will want to spend time with neighbors, coworkers, classmates, and friends who are different than us – to learn from them and love them and bless them unconditionally. Because He makes us missionaries we no longer straddle the sacred/secular life. Everything can count to God’s great glory in Christ.

We simply need to be who we are in Christ. The organic outgrowth of that commitment is what we call Gospel Community. These are smaller expressions of Mission Church scattered through the city of Walla Walla committed to live according to the gospel together in community all the time. If we live who we are, we’ll never be satisfied with merely a weekly meeting with snacks and a bible study and prayer time. Our identities will compel a type of living the bible describes as “church” which we will live out in gospel communities.

It is only in this kind of life that we flourish and grow and help make disciples – in the everyday expression of who we are in Jesus. Gospel community isn’t a program or ministry of the church – it’s the definition of church. We are simply being who we are, and we’re doing it together.

When you think about the mechanics of the mission of Mission Church, the worst comparison would be a Swiss watch, with seemingly endless intricate and precise gears and parts working in perfect synch so as to never falter from keeping perfect time. Brilliant engineering and great for knowing what time it is, but nothing like living in gospel community. There’s no precision, no complex timing and engineering. It’s gritty and often messy and difficult to predict. In a word: it’s real. One of Jesus’ great promises is that his power is made perfect in our weaknesses – that includes our individual weaknesses and our collective weaknesses. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and relentlessly trusting in the power of the gospel, we are a motley band of freed slaves bound together by grace and love for eternity.

Join the mission – it’s a beautiful mess and we love it.

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