Easter @ The Powerhouse

Every Spring, we have the fantastic privilege and joy of celebrating the resurrection of Jesus as His Redeemed church.

And every Spring, Mission Church celebrates the resurrection at 10:00am at the Powerhouse Theater - 111 N. 6th Ave.

As you arrive to the Powerhouse, you'll be greeted and offered a bulletin with some information about Mission Church, directed towards some lovely refreshments, and offered help getting your kids to their spot.

Speaking of kids - we love worshiping on Easter with the kids in with us so 5 year olds and up will join the grown-ups in the main room while children 0-4 will meet all the way upstairs (there's an elevator if desired) for songs, learning, and laughter.

More than any event in the history of the cosmos, the resurrection of Jesus changed everything. God himself has come and rescued all that sin has ruined, giving us a life of peace, joy, and hope for a eternity beyond your wildest imagination.  See you at the Powerhouse Easter morning