What is the Gospel

It has been aptly said that the gospel of Jesus is a pool shallow enough for a toddler to wade and deep enough for an elephant to swim. It is the truth about who God is that is accessible to the simplest of minds and yet causes angels to marvel at it’s infinite complexities. Though there are a thousand different nutshells, here’s one we like:

The gospel is that God himself has come to rescue and redeem this sin-broken world through the finished work of Jesus Christ on our behalf.

Therefore the gospel is good news, not good advice.

Imagine a great king in a battle to secure the happiness of his people. As the battle wages on he sends advisers back to his people to tell them “follow these rules, send these supplies, sacrifice more and maybe I’ll win this battle.” This puts all the weight of accomplishment on the people and is oppressive, not liberating. This is essentially “good advice Christianity”.

Instead, imagine the king winning a decisive victory over the enemy and sending heralds back to the kingdom with the news, “the battle is over, I have won! Believe this news.” People will rejoice to follow kingdom rules, send supplies, and give of themselves not in order to make it happen but because it was already done. This is Good News Christianity. Jesus has won a victory at the cross and resurrection that cannot be undone.

We proclaim this gospel in everything we do, in everyday ways, and to everyone we can. It really is the best news.